By now, youll probably have heard about the fat professor, the whole-food dietitian and the Michelin-trained chef who flipped the food pyramid and brought butter back. Their first book What the Fat? has been a life-changer for thousands of people and now theyre at it again. Back at the... read more

What The Fast! The Low-Carb Healthy-Fat Monday-Tuesday Fasting Plan



With millions of followers on Instagram, Juniper the fox is the internet's cutest pet Juniper's adorable snaggletooth smile and fun-loving personality are vibrantly captured in this heartwarming book. With gorgeous photos, a charming narrative about Juniper's life, and a b... read more

Juniper : The Happiest Fox

From the country's most popular interior design magazine comes a stylish, in-depth look at what it takes to make any room beautiful. House Beautiful Style Essentials: What Every Room Needs is an inspiring and hardworking handbook that shows readers how ... read more

House Beautiful Style Secrets What Every Room Needs



As well as the Miss Universe fairy-tale and her busy career, Lorraine shares details of her first marriage to All Black Murray Mexted, her delight in her two children, her success in Dancing with the Stars and her blissful relationship with cricketing legend Martin Crowe. Along th... read more

Life, Loss, Love



Synopsis coming soon.......

Train Your Dog Now!

Blending philosophy and humor, here are 250 thought-provoking, challenging, and strange questions--from the profound "what is the meaning of life?" to the playful "is a hotdog a sandwich?" and ever... read more

Questions for Deep Thinkers: 200+ of the Most Challenging Questions You (Probably) Never Thought to Ask



A personal and urgent examination of Fascism in the twentieth century and how its legacy shapes today's world, written by one of America's most admired public servants, the first woman to serve as U.S. secretary of state. "There is priceless wisdom on every page." Kirkus S... read more

Fascism: A Warning

The incredible, untold story of the American agent who captured El Chapo, the world's most-wanted drug-lord. Every generation has its larger-than-life criminal legend living beyond the reach of the law: Billy the Kid, Al Capone, Ronnie B... read more

Hunting El Chapo: Taking Down the World's Most-Wanted Drug Lord

Description: "Better Lives provides a comprehensive overview of immigration in New Zealand, showing how immigration is not just an economic imperative that needs to be managed, but an opportunity to enhance people's lives. This book... read more

Better Lives: Migration, Wellbeing and New Zealand: 2018

We are no longer like our ancestors. We no longer depend on our skills as foragers, gatherers, scavengers, hunters and fishers for food. We are only part-time food raisers at best. . . Our biology, on the other hand, has changed far less. Now th... read more

Thought for Food: Why What We Eat Matters: 2018

"I'm a barrister, a job which requires the skills of a social worker, relationship counsellor, arm-twister, hostage negotiator, named driver, bus fare-provider, accountant, suicide watchman, coffee-supplier, surrogate parent and, on one mem... read more

The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It's Broken

The first edition of Classic New Zealand Road Rides is an invaluable guide to the sport and recreation of road riding. It includes information how to get started, such as buying a bike, setting it up, and going on your first ri... read more

Classic New Zealand Road Rides: 100 Recreational Road Rides in New Zealand