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Nana and Poppa’s Morning at Wardini Books Napier
Tuesday 24th November, 10am

Join our Nigel and Adele for a morning designed to help you find that perfect book for the grandies (and the rest of the whanau). Recommendations, book chats, a cup of tea and Nigel's world famous scones. Non Nanas and Poppas are allowed too. Grab your friends and make a trip of it. See you there.

Battle of the Book Clubs at Havelock North Function Centre
Thursday 26th November, 7pm

The legendary Battle of the Book Clubs returns for 2020!

This is a hugely entertaining quiz night raising funds for The Acorn Project, the epic Hawke's Bay team dedicated to supporting young people and their families through their cancer journey.
Book a table of 6 for $60 or 10 for $100 for your book club, or make up a book club just for the night. There will also be a raffle.
There are 8 rounds of questions, all loosely along a literary theme. We mix it up with picture rounds and the world famous 'Inappropriate Actresses' round, in which anything could happen.
We have a couple of tables left so if you’d like to join us, or ask a question, email books@wardini.co.nz

Glass Houses with Karen Phillips in conversation with Cristina Sanders (Jerningham)
Wardini Books Havelock North, Wednesday 2nd December, 6pm

Join these two authors for a fascinating insight into how they create their stories.
Glass Houses - A crash site memorial for a daughter is disturbed by road workers, a son goes missing after an earthquake, a husband struggles with his wife going into dementia care, grandparents meet-up with a grandchild they lost contact with when his parents divorced, a late-in-life relationship is broken apart when his health declines, a couple who lease out their basement flat discover a former tenant has been linked to a murder …
Each of Karen Phillips’ stories is like the glass houses in the title story – small pieces, some opaque and some translucent, that offer glimpses of ordinary families whose lives are coming apart, sometimes in ways imperceptible to the outside eye. Memories of a kinder past are one way to pull things back together and simple humanity is another, but sometimes the answer is where you least expect it.

Edward Jerningham Wakefield was the wild-child of the Wakefield family that set up the New Zealand Company to bring the first settlers to this country. His story is told through the eyes of bookkeeper Arthur Lugg, who is tasked by Colonel William Wakefield to keep tabs on his brilliant but unstable nephew. As trouble brews between settlers, government, missionaries and Māori over land and souls and rights, Jerningham is at the heart of it, blurring the line between friendship and exploitation and spinning the hapless Lugg in his wake. Alive with historical detail, Jerningham tells a vivid story of Wellington's colonial beginnings and of a charismatic young man's rise and inevitable fall.

Me, According to the History of Art – the Dick Frizzell Experience!
Wardini Books Napier
Friday 4th December, 7pm

We’re thrilled to have Dick Frizzell join us for what promises to be a wildly entertaining evening.
Throughout his long career, New Zealand painter Dick Frizzell has often gone way out on a limb to see where it would take him. From his early Pop art influenced approach to his experiments with landscape and the contested area of appropriation, he's always been brave. Now, he takes on the history of art, starting right back at cave art to discover the key threads of Western art that sit in his DNA as a painter in the 21st century. The approach is essential Frizzell: bring everyone along for the ride.