Three generations of Parisian women - grandmother, mother and daughter - have each worked as beauty editors and share their years of experience to equip you with advice on how to feel beautiful and elegant at any age. Here you will discover the secrets that only decades at iconic bran... read more

Ageless Beauty
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Fat's in, sugar's out! The low carb, healthy fat lifestyle is a revolution that's turning the food pyramid on its head.It's time to flip the pyramid and break free of the fat phobia. This book is mo... read more

What the Fat? Fat's In, Sugar's Out: How to Live the Ultimate Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat lifestyle (New Edition)

As our approach to mental illness has oscillated from biological to psychoanalytical and back again, so have our treatments. With the rise of psychopharmacology, an ever-increasing number of people throughout the globe are ... read more

The Drugs That Changed Our Minds: The history of psychiatry in ten treatments



The ultimate guide to dexoting, building strength and eating mindfully. Improve your fitness and flexibility, lose weight, and be inspired to live your best life with nutritionist, yoga teacher and bestselling author Lola Berry. Inside you'll discover:* The physical, mental, emotional... read more

The Yoga Body



A revolutionary new program to help mums feel like themselves again. Are you the mother of a newborn, a toddler or a young child? Are you experiencing exhaustion, pain, forgetfulness, low energy levels, indecision, moodiness, weight gain, foggy thinking or 'baby brain'? ... read more

The Postnatal Depletion Cure

Over 40 natural, organic beauty treatments and products to make at home From dull skin to drab hair and tired eyes, the traditional recipes in this book can change a multitude of little beauty niggles, and each of... read more

All Natural Beauty: Organic, Homemade Beauty Treatments, to Make You Glow from Inside Out



Sports are about challenging our physical limits. But the greatest limit of all remains undefeated: age. We're taught to believe that ageing thwarts effort and grace, talent and grit, outstanding teamwork and individual brilliance.
But a new breed of top prof... read more

Play On: How to Get Better with Age

This is the essential guide to yoga for all the family with 800 step-by-step practical photographs. It includes practical, easy-to-follow yoga with guidance, postures and training sched... read more

The Complete Guide to Yoga: The Essential Guide to Yoga for All the Family with 800 Step-by-step Practical Photographs

Living in the 21st century is exciting, but with everything moving so quickly it can feel a touch overwhelming. It's time that everybody relaxed and took a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures, but we also ap... read more

A Sloth's Guide to Taking It Easy : Be More Sloth With These Fail-safe Tips for Serious Chilling

Many books have been written about dementia, usually dealing with the symptoms and the medical side of the condition. But here is a thoroughly practical book for carers and families, written by someone with first-hand experience ... read more

Dealing Daily with Dementia: 2000+ Practical Hints & Strategies for Carers

The bestselling author of�Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich explores how we are killing ourselves to live longer, not better.

Natural Causes: Life, Death and the Illusion of Control



A revolutionary and definitive new approach to preventing breast cancer, from Board-certified world authority on breast health Dr. Kristi Funk, co-founder of the renowned Pink Lotus Breast Centre, and surgeon to Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow. Breasts: An Owner's Manual is a s... read more

Breasts["An Owner's Manual"]