National Bookshop Day 208

Saturday 27th October


In keeping with the theme of ‘Love Your brain. Read a book. ’ we have created little brains that you, our brainy community, will turn in to works of incredible art. Moulded from the finest plaster of Paris, artists teeny to venerable are invited to collect their brain and get creative with it. Brains will be available for collection on Sunday 7th October and we would like them back by  Friday 26th October ready for display on the big day. The most striking brains will receive a book prize and we intend to create a big work of art using all brains submitted although you can of course have your brain back if you are reluctant to part with it. No rules apart from the dates. Just go for it. Multimedia, just pen, put hair on it, whatever. It’s your brain.




In addition to awesome art, we also have the amazing wit, charisma and award winning talent that is Mr Donovan Bixley with us to launch his new book, Mozart; The Man Behind the Music. Donovan will be at Wardini Books Napier on Saturday 27th October (National Bookshop Day) at 4pm, chatting about what makes Mozart one of history’s most inspiring figures, sharing stories from this beautiful illustrated biography and signing copies of the book. Not to be missed.