Meet Andrew Harris

Thursday 3rd October, 6pm, Wardini Books Havelock North

Changing the World through Crime Fiction
Come and meet author Andrew Harris and discover the sensational Human Spirit Series.
Action-packed Thrillers with a Social Conscience

Meet Christine Fernyhough 

Wednesday 9th October, 6pm, Wednesday 9th October, Wardini Books NAPIER



Join us at Wardini Books Napier to celebrate the release of this beautiful book. Christine, in conversation with local antiques and collectables expert Jan Daffern, will take us through some of the pieces featured in the book and invites members of the audience to bring a small (small enough to fit in your hand) item from their mid-century NZ collection.

In Mid-Century Living: The Butterfly House Collection, Christine invites readers to join her on a fascinating journey through our design history in furniture, ceramics, tableware, utensils, lamps, naïve art, Royal Family memorabilia, hand-coloured scenic posters, Crown Lynn and much more. Crisp, colour-drenched photographs by Mark Adams and Haru Sameshima of Studio La Gonda bring to life the bach and all its rooms and reveal individual objects in situ through rich close-ups, taking the reader into our quirky, crafty and often 'make do' past.

Opening the doors to the Butterfly House and moving through each of the rooms, and the exterior, Christine shares the history of each object, her journey to them and her contagious enthusiasm for collectables. She warmly welcomes readers into her life and weaves her own personal story into the narrative, with memories of sunburn and lipstick, beach cricket and dancing the Twist, table manners and cocktail hour.
In an age of instant gratification and digital living, Mid-Century Living: The Butterfly House Collection is unashamedly nostalgic. It immortalises the timeless elegance of objects from our past. Above all, it pays homage to the lives we once lived – lives that were often simpler and more splendid.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Bedtime Stories

Thursday 10th October, 6pm - 6.30pm

Wardini Books Havelock North

(Napier event will be same time, Friday 11th October)

It's back for the holidays! Lou will regale you with tales of hilarity and wonder and The Great Wardini will wow you with magical feats of, well, magic. Don your PJs and onesies and head out into the Spring evening for half an hour of fun and shenanigans - fun for all the whanau. Most suited to children of 3 years and up but all the family is most welcome. Ka kite koe i reira - see you then.