"Grace has a gift of helping others harness their own power to achieve what they really want. If you've been hitting a wall in your life, it's time to turn to Grace for a br... read more

Close Your Eyes, Get Free - Use Self-Hypnosis to Reduce Stress, Quit Bad Habits, and Achieve Greater Relaxation and Focus
$27.99(NZD) inc GST



As read by James Corden, Fearne Cotton, Jim Chapman and Dougie Poytner. 'We have a responsibility, every one of us' David Attenborough Around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean every year, killing over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals. By... read more

How to Give up Plastic

Once upon a time, mean girls primarily existed in high school, while elementary school-aged girls spent hours at play and enjoyed friendships without much drama. But in this fast-paced world in which young gi... read more

No More Mean Girls: The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident, and Compassionate Girls
$38.00(NZD) inc GST

The ultimate survival guide from the world's leading survival expert. Nobody knows survival like Bear Grylls. There is a barely a terrain he hasn't conquered or an extreme environment he hasn't experienced. Over the years - from ... read more

How to Stay Alive: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Any Situation

In today's increasingly hostile climate people are anxious about how to keep themselves safe. Chris Ryan is an expert in dangerous situations and here he tells you how to keep yourself and your family safe from the perils of modern urban life. He lea... read more

Safe: How to Stay Safe in a Dangerous World



Feed your family for only $50 a week Need advice about saving money when it comes to that weekly grocery shop? This book provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to get your family grocery budget down to only $50. Jody Allen, of Stay at Home Mum fame, will help you set... read more

The $50 Weekly Shop
$30.00(NZD) inc GST

We're all stuffocated. We have more stuff than we could ever need - but it's bad for the planet and it's making us stressed. It might even be killing us.
In this groundbreaking book, trend forecaster James Wallman finds that a rising number of peopl... read more

Stuffocation: Living More with Less
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A henkeeping companion to the bestselling Backyard Bees, covering everything you need to know about keeping chickens even in urban areas.

Backyard Chickens: How to Keep Happy Hens
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A Beekeeper's Year follows the progress of three novice beekeepers with three different types of hive, as they navigate their way through their first year of beekeeping. Follow their journey as they set up and manage their Top Bar, Warre and Flow hives - from obtaining b... read more

A Beekeeper's Year
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Series:O's Little Books/Guides

Some of us start over willingly, and others are forced by circumstance-but everyone who finds herself back at square one could use a dose of courage and comfort. Readers will discover both in O's Little Guide to Starting Over, a collection of stirring pieces ... read more

O's Little Guide to Starting Over
$29.99(NZD) inc GST

The Good Life in Real Life is a detailed manual to start, plan and manage your own smallholding. Suzie explains the level of work involved, how much space you need and how to prepare your land. There are chapt... read more

The Smallholder's Handbook: Keeping & Caring for Poultry & Livestock on a Small Scale
$49.99(NZD) inc GST

This book will appeal to anyone with a love of cheese. The text covers every aspect of making cheese at home, from the tools and equipment needed and basic recipes to making more complex cheeses and advice on setting up a small cheese business. You do not need t... read more

Self-Sufficiency:Cheese Making
$19.99(NZD) inc GST