In this authoritative and eye-opening book, Max Tegmark describes and illuminates the recent, path-breaking advances in Artificial Intelligence and how it is poised to overtake human intelligence. How will AI affect crime, war, justice, jo... read more

Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence



Series:Science Comics Ser.

Discover the history of rockets and their impact on the future in this volume that explores the 2,000-years history of rockets along with Newton's Laws of Motion--gravity, force, and acceleration. 1/2.

Rockets: Defying Gravity (Science Comics)

The historic quest to rekindle the human exploration and colonization of space led by two rivals and their vast fortunes, egos, and visions of space as the next entrepreneurial frontier
The Space Barons is... read more

The Space Barons: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the Quest to Colonize the Cosmos

Do you want to be happy?
If so - read on. This book has all the answers.*
In The Happy Brain, neuroscientist Dean Burnett delves deep into the inner workings of our minds to explore some fundamental questions about happi... read more

The Happy Brain: The Science of Where Happiness Comes from, and Why



The perfect companion to AMC's six-part television series James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction, this unique book explores the history and evolution of the genre with contributions from the filmmakers who have helped bring it to life
For t... read more

James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction



Grab your towel and hitchhike across the galaxy with Australia's most popular scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. Learn about Dr Karl, the universe and everything, and discover how air-conditioning is sexist, how you can kill a spinning hard drive by shouting at it and... read more

Karl, the Universe and Everything

"For someone interested in practical present day robotics it's a treasure trove. A book-sized Top Trumps rove across the technical domain, with each section containing a photo of the precise robot, an overview of its main components and some context f... read more

We: Robot: The Robots That Already Rule Our World

Acclaimed author Heos uses real-life cases to tell the fascinating history of modern forensic science, from the first test for arsenic poisoning to fingerprinting, firearm and blood spatter analysis, DNA evidence, and all the important milestones in between. Illustrations.

Blood, Bullets, and Bones: The Story of Forensic Science from Sherlock Holmes to DNA



Winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965, Richard Feynman was one of the world's greatest theoretical physicists, but he was also a man who fell, often jumped, into adventure. An artist, safecracker, practical joker and storyteller, Feynman's life was a series o... read more

Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman
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"I have long been a fan of David Christian. In Origin Story, he elegantly weaves evidence and insights from many scientific and historical disciplines into a single, accessible historical narrative." --Bill Gates
A captivating history of ... read more

Origin Story: A Big History of Everything

In 1975, Dannion Brinkley was struck and killed by lightning. When he awoke in a morgue twenty-eight minutes later, everything was forever changed. During the next twenty ... read more

Secrets of the Light: The Incredible True Story of One Man's Near-Death Experiences and the Lessons He Received from the Other Side
$27.99(NZD) inc GST

Before there were Homo sapiens there were the dinosaurs. A thrilling re-evaluation of the creatures that ruled the earth for 150 million years by one of the world's leading paleontologists. Sixty-six million years ago the dinosaurs... read more

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: The Untold Story of a Lost World