'We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed' Martin Luther King In an era where the liberties we often take for granted are under threat, Letters To Change the World is a collecti... read more

Letters to Change the World

Designer and TED star Ingrid Fetell Lee explains how to cultivate a happier, healthier life by making small changes to your surroundings.
When did you last feel joy? Changing your surroundings is the most easily accessible source in finding... read more

Joyful: The Art of Finding Happiness All Around You



You are accused of a crime? Who would you rather decides your future - an algorithm or a human? Before making your decision, bear in mind that the algorithm will always be more consistent, and far less prone to an error of judgement. Then again, at least the human will be able to l... read more

Hello World



A panoramic exploration of peoples, objects and beliefs over 40,000 years from the celebrated author of A History of the World in 100 Objects and Germany, following the new BBC Radio 4 documentary and British Museum exhibition. Available for pre-order now. One of the central f... read more

Living With the Gods

Hans Sloane was the greatest collector of his time, and one of the greatest of all time. His name is familiar today through the London streets and squares named after him, but the man himself, and his achievements, are almost forgotten. <... read more

Collecting the World - The Life and Curiosity of Hans Sloane



Frida Kahlo is regarded as one of Mexico's greatest painters: her extraordinary personal style, her tragic story, her relationship with Diego Rivera (the more famous painter in their day) alongside her passionate paintings have made her a cult figure sin... read more

You Are Always with Me: Letters to Mama by Frida Kahlo

Stardust and Substance captures some of the magic of Jacinda Arderns extraordinary seven-and-a-half weeks campaign, defeating a National government in power for nine years. The story of her sensational achievement with relentle... read more

Stardust and Substance - The New Zealand General Election of 2017



More than 300 recipes from expert and artisan bakers, covering breads, croissants, flatbreads, pizzas, and pies--Foods that demand the perfect crunch
From loaves to pastries, pizza to pie, Crusts covers it all Between its e... read more

Crusts - The Ultimate Baker's Book - With More Than 300 Recipes
$59.99(NZD) inc GST

Soon to be a major motion picture, First Man by James Hansen offers the only authorized glimpse into the life of America's most famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong - the man whose "one small step" changed history. In First Man, Hansen explores the life of Neil ... read more

First Man: the Life of Neil Armstrong

A menagerie of exotic beasts from the No.1 bestselling colouring book illustrator Millie Marotta.
The ultimate Millie Marotta colouring book brings together her favourite illustrations from all her boo... read more

Millie Marotta's Wildlife Wonders - Favourite Illustrations from Colouring Adventures
$25.00(NZD) inc GST



Ferns are back in the bathroom, cacti are sitting on plant stands and hoyas are cascading from hangers. Indoor plants are the ultimate indoor accessory. Softening interiors and readily available, they are a stylist's best friend. However, it's their power t... read more

Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space



Every day, President Obama received ten thousand letters from constituents. Every night, he read ten of them before going to bed. This is the story of the profound ways in which they shaped his presidency. Every evening for eight years, at his request, President O... read more

To Obama - Diary of a Nation