'Charming, compelling and packed with information. I learned more about biology from this short book than I did from years of science lessons. A weird and wonderful read' PETER FRANKOPAN
We like to think of ourselves as exceptional beings,... read more

The Book of Humans - The Story of How We Became Us

Poppy tears, opium, heroin, fentanyl: humankind has been in thrall to the "Milk of Paradise" for millennia. The latex of papaver somniferum is a bringer of sleep, of pleasurable lethargy, of relief from pain--and hugely addictive. A commodity without rival, ... read more

Milk of Paradise - A History of Opium
$37.99(NZD) inc GST

The night sky is full of amazing things, but how do you know what you're looking at or how to get the best perspective to enhance your viewing experience? 100 Things t... read more

100 Things to See in the Southern Night Sky - From Planets and Satellites to Meteors and Constellations, Your Guide to Stargazing


 Natural History

Trees are one of humanity's most constant and most varied companions. From India's sacred banyan tree to the fragrant cedar of Lebanon, they offer us sanctuary and inspiration - not to mention the raw materials for everything from aspirin to maple syrup.
&... read more

Around the World in 80 Trees
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**'A masterpiece of evocative scientific storytelling.' BRIAN COX** **'Will appeal to fans of Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens'.Mail on Sunday ** The extraordinary story of the species that became our allies. Dogsbecame our companions Wheatfed a booming p... read more

Tamed: Ten Species That Changed Our World

We use names so often that few of us ever pause to wonder about their origins. What do they mean? And where did they come from?
From the common starling to the many-colored rush tyrant, the names we have given to birds are so... read more

Mrs Moreau's Warbler : How Birds Got Their Names

As heard on NPR's This American Life "Absorbing . . . Though it's non-fiction, The Feather Thief contains many of the elements of a classic thriller." --Maureen Corrigan, NPR's Fresh Air "One of the ... read more

The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century

In the great halls of science, dogma holds that Darwin's theory of natural selection explains every branch on the tree of life- which species thrive, which wither away to extinction, and what... read more

The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin's Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World - And Us
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Just as alchemists transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, with this book you can transform everyday herbs and spices into effective healing herbal remedies. Rosalee de la Foret, a clinical herbalist, e... read more

The Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods & Remedies That Heal


 Natural History

Companion to the NHNZ-produced four-part series on TVNZ. Showcasing the Pacific Ocean and its inhabitants in full color, it blends stunning images with spellbinding storytelling and an unparalleled look at a diverse range of species, locations, and natural phenomena from one of the world¿s last great frontiers.

Big Pacific
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Seabirds Beyond the Mountain Crest tells the fascinating story of New Zealand's endemic Hutton's shearwater, a species that breeds only at two remote locations, high in the Kaikoura Mountains.

Seabirds Beyond the Mountain Crest: The History, Natural History and Conservation of Hutton's Shearwater
$45.00(NZD) inc GST

Written by a beginner-birdwatcher with the freshness and passion of a convert, WAITING FOR THE ALBINO DUNNOCK explores the world of birds through the seasons of a single year. It describes encounters with particular birds in the lan... read more

Waiting for the Albino Dunnock: How Birds Can Change Your Life
$39.99(NZD) inc GST